One of the best Xmas & NY’s ever!

Christmas Lunch: Grandma & me

I got caught up in the European flight cancellations on my flight home from Thailand. Many on my flight were being re-booked for 30th December so I wasn’t holding out much hope. I wasn’t exactly enthralled at the prospect of spending xmas alone in a hotel room in Bangkok! But, in the end, it all worked out wonderfully and I made it back for Christmas and one of my best friend’s wedding making for one of the best Christmas and New Year’s ever…

Mum picked me up from the airport! Quite a surprise as, like me, she usually she takes a view on these things based on the most time and cost effective way which of course more often than not means taking the bus back which can be quite tricky with 2 bikes! Mum even paid for parking and met me at the gates. 

Heathrow Airport: mum, me & my 2 bikes expertly taped together!

The usual festivities continued over Christmas and to the new year and I caught up with my bestest friends over lavish lunches and drinks parties. A far cry away from the very basic lifestyle I usually lead as a pro. It’s also been great being back in Brizzle and comforting to hear that beautiful (!) Brizzle accent again!

 Brizzle mates

For NYE, it was a ‘sleazyjet’ flight to Bordeaux in France for Georgie and Marc’s wedding which, thank goodness, was not cancelled due to the severe weather! I met Georgie through Chrissie Welly when I worked in London and since then we’ve all been great friends. Georgie’s been my rock in good times and bad and it was an absolute joy to be able to enjoy and support her on her wedding day; Marc is a rare find – genuine, loyal, kind and perfectly matched to G!

The day was a perfect winter’s day in France; a brisk temperature but under blue skies and glorious sunshine. We all stayed in a beautiful chateau and we all continued the Christmas eat-athon with fine French food and wine, and, a lot of scrumptious croissants. The whole weekend was simply magnificent.

NYE 2010: G & Marc’s weddingme & Chrissie

Now I’m flying back to the UK to catch up with sponsors, get myself organised for the next training camp and begin the attack on pro year no. 2.

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