BRAT loving on Valentine’s Day!

I’ve been getting some BRAT loving these past couple of months. Opting against an exotic, early season tri camp, I instead took myself back to Birmingham. This was where I began my uni days and was first introduced to triathlon by the wonderful BRAT club.

I am proud to say that I was one of the original BRATs and I even formed one of the first BRAT club couples!! There have been many (successful) BRAT couples since and marriages too, the latest being Zamie and Mick’s. I was thrilled to be able to attend their wedding and contribute to the evening’s crazy dancing celebrations!

The BRAT club has gone from strength to strength and it is probably now the biggest tri club in the country. To me, the BRAT club represents what triathlon should all be about; training, socialising, courting, holidaying and most importantly, supporting each other through the challenges that face us in life. No matter what level you are, a complete beginner to the ranks of Chrissie Welly, they provide the same support to each and everyone one of us in helping us achieve our goals.

Special thanks to Robertshaw for providing me with a (free!) place to stay and a room to turbo (sorry, hope that stench of sweat goes soon!), University of Birmingham Sport for the complimentary pool pass, Russ as well as Damo at Tri 1st for their tip top bike tech advice, Hannah for lending me that ‘little black dress’ at the eleventh hour before wedding day, Linz and Will for being top class crazy dancing partners, Robs & Megs and Tauny & Debs for their wonderful friendship and everlasting positivity and support, Hirshy for his expert consultations with my various ailments and, most recently to Asker for providing his expert nutrition advice and pushing me to my limit in the heart rate run test today.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all and especially the loving BRAT club!! Love Ems xxx

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