Race Report: Volcano Olympic Triathlon – 4th

Volcano Triathlon

Just a week after Challenge Fuerteventura and many long, hard ironman training days in between, I raced the Volcano Olympic distance triathlon. I did this last year so I was excited to see where I’d sit in comparison. As it turned out, pretty good! I repeated the 4th position on last week and I was very happy to finish in a time that was over 15minutes faster than last year! Sometimes it’s hard to see the wood for the trees when you’ve given up everything to train full time so when you race and see this kind of improvement, it makes it all worthwhile.

Rachel Joyce, top female Brit currently ranked no. 5 on the Kona Pro Ranking, won. Last week’s winner of Challenge Fuerteventura, Eva Ledesma, was 2nd. Rounding off the podium was good friend Tamsin Lewis and then me in 4th. I was 5 minutes away… from Rachel, 3 mins of that was on the swim and 1 min each on both the bike and run legs. Like many triathletes, I struggle with my swim having not swum competitively through childhood, instead I opted to do every sport under the sun ranging from horse riding to field hockey. My coach Brett Sutton even nick named me Jugong – a really ugly fish, that’s thankfully fun and smiley too…

But I have improved and I will keep improving. Time and intensity is what it takes and I have both of those. So we will see where I get to…you can only but try after all. In any event, I am lucky that the long distance racing that I’m now focusing on, the swim only counts 10%. My first will be Ironman Lanzarote – thought I’d pick an easy one ;) I have no expectations, just to go hard, do my best and finish!!

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