Lanzarote – the build up!

Two races, two super fun post-race parties, two million hours training and two zillion hours working for teamTBB over the past month has meant for one busy Emma, and, now to one very excited Emma as I have started easing down in the build up to my first Ironman – Ironman Lanzarote no less! Cant wait!

 Since teamTBB’s bootcamp in Thailand ended a month ago, cut short of course because Koh Samui Triathlon was cancelled due to the floods, all the athletes have been racing around the world and keeping me busy doing their web reports and dealing with the associated media attention. If you didn’t know already, I’m teamTBB’s webgirl. I also do a host of other fun media stuff for them too. The proper description is something like ‘Sports Marketing’, others might see it as running around for the pros so they can focus on training and getting faster, and, nothing else. Urm, hang on, I’m a ‘pro’, shouldn’t I be doing that? Oh well, 1 day… for now, I have to keep funding this life so I can get stronger, which thankfully I am!

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