CLIC Sargent Volunteer Work

CLIC Sargent care for children and young adults with cancer and leukaemia and I’ve been lucky enough to be one of the Challenge Teams’ volunteers. My inspiration to choose CLIC Sargent was my flat mate Iain Stuart; I wanted to offer my support to his brother Robbie’s legacy.


Robbie, at the age of 27, was diagnosed with leukaemia and some 13 months later it took his life despite a brave battle with the disease. He told his story since diagnosis in his blog. Rob was a keen rugby player and the man inside Bristol Rugby’s Brizzley Bear mascot! Check out this video for a giggle and some quality entertainment!

This month, it was Robbie’s Memorial Rugby Match at the Old Bristolian’s Rugby Club grounds. There was the usual annual auction that raised more thousands of pounds for CLIC Sargent. My good buddy and 4x World Ironman Champ, Chrissie Welly was kind enough to donate a signed copy of her Autobiography. Quite brilliantly, it’s Amazon’s best selling fiction book of the week: A Life Without Limits!

On 1st July, a key event that I’ve been helping CLIC Sargent with is the inaugural Bristol to Oxford Bike Ride. The route is through beautiful countryside, skirts the Cotswolds and will join the London to Oxford bike riders in Oxford for a great finishers party! Registration is only £18 and there is no minimum sponsorship. But, if you raise over £150 you get a free CLIC Sargent Cycle Top! To find out more, click here.


Today another ten families will hear that their child has cancer. At the moment CLIC Sargent can only help two out of three of them. Please support them so they can be there for each and every one!

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